June 28, 2011

What I need.

I don't need you to provide for me because that's why I have two hands and two feet.
I don't need you to tell me where to go and who to be with because that's why I have a mind and experiences of my own.
I don't need you to cook, clean, or even bathe me but that would be a nice gesture.
I don't need you to buy, make, or pay for anything so as to keep me in your life.
I don't need your friends to agree with what I do, for, or to you because I live only for the love of you and not them.
I do need you to be there when I need comfort.
I do need you to give me a kind word when I'm upset or down.
I do need for you to make love to me as if it was the first and last time each and every time, so it’s always forthcoming and genuine.
I do need you to forsake all others just to be able to hold me at night.
I do need you to grow with me spiritually for I am an apple atop of a tree (so brother, please start climbing because this tree steadily grows).
Quoted from a random article on Shine.
This is perhaps the closest answer to the question that has been on my mind lately
What exactly do I need?
It's not like I have a lot of time these days to ponder upon things other than work and career. But in terms of personal life, this probably is the most sticky question that once makes an encore appearance on my mind, persistently stays there for a while before I manage to shake it off.
Yet I still haven't figured out a satisfying answer on my own because there are a lot of things we think we need just to realize we don't, and vice versa. Then suddenly comes this short and sweet randomness that reminds me of the little things I long for. I remember now.
Perhaps I will read this again and again to always remind myself of what I need and deserve.
That's all for today, world, I'm turning into a pumpkin.
P.S. I'm reading "A Place Called Here". One more Cecelia Ahern's to go.
I also need: sun, pool, pretty nails & bikini, & Cecelia Ahern's (: